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It is a bleak reality but we are living in an increasingly violent society. Both globally and at home, we have seen an increase in the number of attacks against groups and individuals. With politicians declaring the threat of terrorism on the rise within Australia, a growing trend in assaults and victimisation of international students, the need for personalised security has never been more prevalent.

We provide personal security services to ensure you feel safe and secure. Offering a range of services personalised to meet the needs of our clients, you can rest assure that any close personal protection security issue you may have is properly and promptly addressed. Whether providing protection for VIPs, business people, politicians, celebrities, sports people or students attending universities or colleges, our level of professionalism and conduct never waivers.

There is a variety of reasons individuals may feel the need to take out personal protection in the form of a trained security expert, these include:

VIPs and celebrities: Obsessive fans stalking high-profile celebrities such as actors and sports stars are not uncommon and can often be disturbing and distressing for the victim.  Over-zealous paparazzi can also bring unwanted attention. Conversely, individuals may have more violent motives and may have intentions to cause physical harm or injury.

Students: With an increased rate of violent crime and assault in our higher education institutions, there is an increased number of people looking to hire personal protection. Whether attending night classes, walking to and from the college and attending events. Personal protection can be a great idea for international or domestic students wanting to feel at ease in their learning environment and ensuring their personal safety does not interfere with their education.

Being in the public spotlight: Someone that is suddenly thrust into the media spotlight may see the need for personal protection.  This can include lottery winners, witnesses to a major crime or individuals that have been caught up in public scandals.

Carrying large amounts of cash or valuables: Those transporting or carrying large amounts of money or valuables such as jewellery through heavily populated areas could gain peace of mind by hiring personal protection whether for a short period of a few hours or a full day. Expert security can be employed to plan practical routes, provide surveillance and remain on hand to ensure all goods are transported safely from one destination to another.

When it comes to personal protection, bodyguarding and VIP security, we are able to provide:

  • Security planning
  • On campus personal security
  • Risk management
  • Customised security solutions
  • Discreet security services
  • VIP Protection

Personalised security services to suit you

Whether you are looking for highly visible professional protection or a more discreet guard – we have a personalised solution to help. More than just a bodyguard service, we provide comprehensive, well-thought-out and planned personal and VIP protection. Placing emphasis on the importance of the planning and preparation prior to our protection service, we base our close personal protection on understanding the individual needs of each and every one of our clients.  Ensuring we tailor our services to meet the needs of our individual clients is what makes the quality of our service so unique.

If you would like to discuss the type of personal protection we can provide for you, contact us today. 

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