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Antony Commins has 18 years experience with the Queensland Police Service, specialising in criminal intelligence. He implemented strategies in accordance with State Crime Operations Command policies and directions, and assessed intelligence requirements.

He conducted surveillance activities using visual, photographic and electronic means leading to the suppression of major and organised crime. He also formed part of statewide joint police operations.

He holds numerous diplomas and certificates in Intelligence, Security, Investigations and Risk Management.

He has often led patrols that maintained operational safety under varying work conditions and in diverse locations. Often these patrols had to respond to situations to enforce laws or maintain public order and each time, Antony was able to bring about total control.

Antony also has managed a wide range of people who have been placed in police care, detained in custody or required assistance pending the arrival of qualified personnel. He needed to use appropriate communication, practical and physical skills in order to protect everyone from harm or further casualty and to deal with uncooperative or aggressive people.

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