Security for universities and commercial purposes

Security for universities and commercial purposes | Tony Commins Security

Put security in the hands of a highly reputable full security service company

If you have a property you would like to have protected, or an event that needs to be secure, with our comprehensive range of security services we have the solution for you. Whatever your security needs, we provide services that meet your requirements with the highest quality professionalism.

Campus security services

If you need professional security or an incorporated safety service at your university campus, Tony Commins Security has the experience and capability you need. Being a comprehensive security company, we can tailor our services into a complete package to cover the security needs of any educational organisation. This includes:

  • physical presence with patrolling officers or guards;
  • technology and skill to manage and limit access to facilities;
  • and/or assistance with planning emergency responses and measures for any situations.

These services are all offered during both normal and after hours and cover medical emergencies or physical threats. This means that you can protect students, staff and property, as well as maintain a safe and positive campus environment around the clock.

Security guards to patrol your premises and escort individuals

With discipline and professionalism, our adaptable security officers are able to both protect your grounds from unauthorised people and to provide students with support whenever needed. All our security personnel is in uniform, which makes them easy to spot so any student in distress can find the assistance they require easily and quickly. The physical presence of our patrolling guards will assist in preventing, detecting and deterring criminal activities. And if needed, they can escort both students and staff on-campus.

Security guards for commercial purposes

Our services are not limited to universities and educational institutions; we also provide security for other commercial purposes. Whether used during evenings, during the daytime opening hours or a combination of both, our security team will keep your business secure.

We offer security solutions for some of the below business types:

  • construction sites
  • shopping complexes
  • industrial areas
  • commercial sites
  • car parks

Whatever your security needs, we will work with you to implement a security package that both meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Security for universities and commercial purposes

Together, we can thoroughly discuss your security needs in order to identify a solution that is perfectly matched to your requirements.

Find out how we can protect your educational facility or campus or to explore our full range of security services by contacting us today. 

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